Don’t lose sight of your objective

i am not there yet.jpg

I am not there yet…Will I ever get there? Will I know it when I do…?

Has anyone done it?

The Cubists< multiple angles of an object….

multiple angles people do not see to create the picture of what actually is < Not there yet!

Don’t lose sight of your objective.

Expressionist- to get at something more than the material-

What things are behind their appearance, but isn’t it tainted by artistic perception?


Play on viewer perception…question why everything


Observer and participant< (personal distant) installation? theater? Should I do it? Can I do it?

How creative is this idea?

Is it a gimmick? <curtains?

Transparent< play with this< different looks

Cut things into each other



Throw shit at the wall until it sticks


off the stretcher? interconnection? Do every idea you have lol?

Throw shit at the wall until it sticks?

I have the heart of a snake < not a mother

(unintelligible words)

elbow from ear?

Cuz it rhymes?

Why don’t I like slow songs?

Why does my brain recquire so much stimulation yet avoids it?

Am I unbalanced somehow?

Bored with everything, yet never bored…..

Contradictions or lies?

With someone with such a dirty mind I’m so innocent < splitting to protect (unintelligible word)

Think of splitting – multiple personalities….depersonalization, disassociative identity disorder .

Splitting cubism multiple perspectives

Isabelle Graw- Painting beyond Itself notes


‘postmedium condition’

painting has expanded.

“form of production of signs that is experienced as highly personalized”

I don’t think it matters. I like to hold on to the label of painter for selfish reasons. Isn’t the label just practical?

artworks = people? Monuments men


social agency.

-why especially true for painting?

I don’t get it?

redmediatization= features ascribed to one medium addressed by another.

“criticize limitation within’ ???

conceptual art

rejection of paintings’ privileged (hahahaha) status

Is painting ‘dead’ or just changed?

What is not enough anymore?

Is painting medium specific? What’s the difference between painting and drawing?

Main characteristic

Suggests a strong bond between product and its maker.

So are Damien Hirst’s dots not a painting? Are paintings that are absent of purpose not painting? What are they?

I don’t understand why we are trying to define painting….It becomes everything? Isn’t it just a practical definition? Then why am I so proud of being referenced to as a painter?


Why do I prefer painter over artist? Long history? Why am I drawn more to painting?

Someone has left marks..painting suggests a physical connection more strongly – handwriting?

Richter- uses squeegee- attempt to reduce presence/ subjectivity reinserts subjectivity.

artist’s presence (in the painting) ;can feel my personality? O___O Uhg…..So if the painting is shitty and boring then I am shitty and boring?

Andy Warhol’s pieces are paintings through choices? mechanically produced. No literal hand, but some sort of hand.

Doesn’t her definition just apply to all art? I don’t’ get this????

_ Painting as a Thinking Subject

-Sculpture does so to a lesser degree

‘only an intriguing person can be’


I do think there is a difference.


a painting is more of a window to another place.

a sculpture becomes a solid object. An intrusion, a part of this world.

own being and life

Hegel- independent mental life

Painting is able to think…

Value? has to be attributable to a person? why? lol? Why do people want attribution?

living labor of the artist

Karl Marx- value is not related to price.

Value is a purely social phenomenon.

social negotiation

Process of labor exposed….

devalorization- desperate searches for value

Painting tells them what to do

it’s an exchange- like a b(a?)(o? )ttle.


(okay I am thinking this next bit is a rebuttal by this guy named Peter Geimer to Isabelle Graw, not sure what the article was called but am assuming ‘Questions for Isabelle Graw’ is part of it )



self activity of painting

produces its own discourse

*****Questions for Isabelle Graw****

indexicality- physical contact

Is this important? I think no! You can’t make an exception just because someone is handicapped-

like telling a director they are not legitimate because they are not legitimate because they aren’t putting on the production.

I agree with Peter Geimer- It is not specific to painting- though she claims it is MORE specific trait.

reifying-“lasting painting boom’ —????

Response: physical connection between artist and subject

nature of such a bond between product and person-tight in painting.

signs consistently refer back to maker.


painting and photography (photography outside source)

fetishized painting?

unproblematic? ‘attack painting’

essence -finished and resolved.

painting against parity

-now what do we do with this?

(unintelligible word)



(I won’t edit out names if the person is pretty well known, or if it is in the context of a reading . I will mark out the name if it is in reference to a critique/ studio visit . Exceptions for me not editing out famous names may be one particular artist who I felt conflicted about because I was jealous of some of their abilities, but as well , I did not like some things about their work. I felt I was being more nudged in that direction, which is not exactly what  I wanted. I am doing this because just in case the person ever finds out (doubt it but you never know),  I don’t want them to think I don’t respect their work because I was being childish in the past about it. If I still stand by the specific critique I may have written down then I will  keep it in as I think valid criticism is okay.  )Saul.jpg


makes people



Am I

haha relentless


ha half assed?

Tigers and ants


What is the root of us?

Are we all really individual?

A system?


Ants or tigers?

A mixture

A complex mix

lol sucks :p


meant to see which one wins out in humans?

The tigers help the ants? Why just primarily twos then?

Why so desperate for two?

Single unit mates

group belonging

need to accept being a piece?

bigger system/ village


How can be in

different result

in ‘village’


to bypass go to god


our village versus yours

ideas are mates?